AI that works for you.

Quantum Rise is a new kind of AI Consultancy. We believe that human and machine intelligence, when combined, will change everything. We partner with you to get AI and automation to deliver growth, dependably and responsibly.

Consulting. Redefined.

our solutions

At Quantum Rise, we're rewriting the rules of consulting as AI disrupts all of our industries from the inside out. What does this mean for you? We deliver results faster, more efficiently, and with the greatest long-term value.

not Projects

Automation solutions are always evolving in a world that is being disrupted daily

Automation at
the core

We use the latest AI, GenAI and automation to make sure you get all the efficiencies of the modern tech stack


Our approach to accessing human talent is agile and means we scale smoothly as your needs grow


We don't closely guard the secrets of why we're successful - we bring you along every step of the journey

Our values

Be agile and always-on
Outcomes not capabilities
Innovation and adaptability

We care about the same things you do. Succeeding, growing, and doing the right thing. And we supercharge it with AI and automation.

Just like you, we value people and their talents. Our approach is results-oriented, modern, and inclusive, helping you access talent where and how you need it. Together, we're building new ways of working for us, for you, and for our partnership—as one extended team.  

And we are data, automation and AI from our core. Having been founded at the start of the new AI era, we have none of the usual legacy to deal with, and can get straight to delivering results.

Experts who care about outcomes and geek out on AI

Our team has a mission - to use data, automation and AI to support you, your business and your world. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

Michael Latiner
Justin Bass
Alex Kelleher
CEO & Founder

We put the power of AI in your hands,
to accelerate your success.